Child Waterproof Mitts and Gloves

If you’re heading out on a snowy day with your toddler, it’s important to have child waterproof mitts or gloves to help keep their hands warm and dry. After all, it’s nothing more frustrating than having to stop playtime because their fingers are freezing.

Whether your kids are going for a walk in the rain, skiing or just having some fun out on the ice and snow, keeping their hands warm is key to having a good time. That’s why we’ve found the best kid waterproof gloves and mittens that will make sure they stay toasty, dry and happy.

Mittens are great for kids because they don’t have finger openings, so they’re easier for little hands to put on. However, they’re not as warm as gloves so if your child lives in a very cold climate or if your kids are constantly losing their gloves, then gloves might be the better option for them.

These mittens are made from recycled plastic water bottles and are both warm and waterproof with elasticated cuffs and grippy palms. They also feature a zip up the back so they’re easy to put on. They’re also machine washable so if your kids get wet they can be washed and kept dry!

They’re also super affordable and come in lots of cute patterns and colors. A cinchable wrist strap is also included and they don’t fall off when kids are wearing them.

One of my favorite options for kids is the LL Bean waterproof mitten series. They come in tiger paws and other adorable designs and are high quality snow gear.

Another super affordable option are the N’Ice Caps rain mitts and gloves. They have a 3M Thinsulate liner and are a thumbless glove/mitten combination. They are easy to put on and they fit well. They do tend to fall off small hands though.

N’Ice Caps also makes a pair of baby mittens with a thumbhole that they sell separately for babies. They also have a couple of additional options like a fingerless convertible glove/mitten with a large flap on the thumbs that converts to a mitten. They’re not as warm as the LL Bean mittens, but they are very affordable and a great choice for kids that want a super warm glove that doesn’t have the thumb hole.

The LL Bean winter gloves and mittens are a great option for kids that need waterproof outdoor gear because they’re very reasonably priced. They are also durable and will hold up to the wear and tear that comes with a day in the snow.

They’re also breathable and have a breathable liner to keep the heat in and the moisture out. They’re available in a variety of colors and designs and come in both glove and mitten styles so you can find a style that will work for your child.

There are also some really adorable mittens and gloves that are shaped like animals so your kids will want to wear them even when they’re not playing in the snow! They’re a great choice for your toddler who might be hesitant to wear gloves.