How to Get 720 Waves

how to get 720 waves

How to get 720 waves is pretty much like that of 360 waves only with a bit of a difference. First, move to the right and brush outwards from above your ear to about half way into your back hair. From here you will then brush into the front half of your head hair line. Remember to work from the hair line towards the top of your head.

Now let’s make sure we get the same pattern this time. So first, move your hand slowly down from your forehead to just below your ears. You should be able to see the pattern clearly as your mind focuses on it. In the previous lesson we taught how to get the same pattern of waves by using only our hands, so this time let’s move a bit faster.

Use your right hand to do two quick rotations. These are both clockwise motions. So when you look at the clockwise motion of your hands you’ll know you are doing the correct motion. The first one rotates clockwise while the second turns counter-clockwise. By doing these motions, you can start learning how to get 720 waves by brushing from the top to bottom or from left to right.

If you are having trouble understanding exactly what you are doing, you might want to refer back to the lesson on how to get 720 wave patterns. That way you will have an idea of how the different motions are done and will feel more confident in your ability to do them properly. Once you have your head moisturized, start working on the other parts of your body with the same wave grease method.

Here are a couple of other tips for working on your waves when brushing your short hair. First, remember that you can create many different sized waves with the same brushing technique. By alternating your strokes between short and long you can create and build up many different sized waves in just a very short amount of time.

The second tip for working on how to get 720 waves in your hairline is to use your hands as opposed to a brush. If you are using a brush, you may find it difficult to do the back and front of your head. However, by using your hands, it will be easier to do the entire length of your hairline in one smooth motion. By having your hands work the back and front of your head, you can easily get your crown to look more appealing.

Another thing you can do to create beautiful looking 720 waves on your head is to add some Highlights. Highlights can be added by brushing your hair behind your roots. This will add some depth to your hairline, while also creating some extra wave action at the crown. The best way to use highlights is to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. So if you have some long roots, you can start from the bottom and brush your way to the top to get the most out of your Highlights.

One last tip on how to get 720 waves in your hair is to apply a paste pattern. P Paste pattern refers to using vertical stripes on your head. There are two types of vertical stripes that you can work with; the first is the type 4 hair pattern. The second is the type 5 hair pattern. The type 4 pattern works well on heavier layered hair, so if you have a heavier crown or some sort of thick hair on top, this pattern may not be for you.