Patient Rights Advocate in Bellevue, Washington: Ensuring Accountability and Empowering Patients in Healthcare

The City of Bellevue offers a variety of programs and services to its residents. These include: a community garden, a free library, cultural events, a youth sports league and a variety of public safety programs. The City is also home to a wide range of business and industry. The City is committed to helping businesses grow in Bellevue. This is evidenced by its support of the arts and entrepreneurship, as well as its economic development efforts. The City is also committed to providing quality police services to all its residents and visitors. The police department has 186 commissioned officers and a total staff of 234. The Department serves the entire City of Bellevue.

The department’s duties are to serve and protect the community with integrity, respect and accountability. Police work is conducted with the highest level of professionalism, regardless of the situation. Police department employees are trained in a variety of areas, including domestic violence, alcohol/drug treatment and child abuse prevention. The Bellevue Police Department is a full service police department, operating with the same standards of professionalism as any municipal or state agency.

As a patient, you are entitled to certain rights and protections that ensure high quality hospital care. These rights are guaranteed by state and federal Patient Rights Advocate in Bellevue and regulations. They help you make informed decisions about your hospital stay and treatment. You should read this booklet carefully and share it with family members who will be involved in your care.

You have the right to receive considerate and respectful care in a safe environment free of unnecessary restraints. You have the right to know what to expect during your stay at the hospital and to be given clear explanations of your medical conditions, treatment options and probable outcome. You have the right to be treated without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or source of payment. You have the right to have a family member or representative notified promptly upon admission and be involved in your care unless it is clinically inappropriate. You have the right to privacy in your hospital room and the ability to access your personal health records. You have the right to have your physician consulted without delay when you are transferred from one unit to another. You have the right to have a written discharge notice telling you when you will be allowed to leave the hospital, and the right to appeal any decision to release you early from the hospital.