The Peterbilt Truck – The Class of the Workhorse

A Peterbilt truck is a premium, quality-built vehicle that offers a sense of pride and class. It is a workhorse that can handle jobs of all kinds and sizes, and drivers and owners love to see their truck brand as a reminder of the hard work they put in day-in, day-out.

The Peterbilt Company was founded in 1939, when Al Peterman opened a manufacturing plant in Oakland, California, using the Fageol facilities that he had acquired in 1938. The company initially planned to build chain-drive trucks for the logging industry, but soon moved toward vehicles designed primarily for highway freight transport.

Throughout its history, the truck maker has always strived to deliver value through technological advancement. That has led to a steady stream of new products and innovations that improve the overall driving experience.

What started out as a small, family-owned business with just two trucks produced in the first three years of production has now grown into a thriving truck manufacturer that is committed to producing a range of high-quality, state-of-the-art products that meet the needs of today’s fleet owner.

With the goal of becoming “the Class of the Truck,” tbtc has worked hard to build a reputation that reflects its commitment to quality and excellence. The company has a long legacy of developing innovative products and technologies to better help its customers achieve their goals, and it has been able to successfully compete with the other major heavy-duty truck manufacturers.

Since its founding in 1939, Peterbilt has continually sought to develop trucks that provide drivers with the highest level of safety and comfort. Its dedication to this has ensured that its trucks are known as a class above the rest in the commercial trucking industry.

As a result, drivers and owners have a strong, unwavering commitment to the brand that they love. They wear caps, jackets, tumblers and drink mugs that feature their favorite manufacturer’s logo.

While some truck owners and operators may own a fleet of Fords, Chevrolets or Isuzus, others will only drive a Peterbilt. It doesn’t matter where these fleet owners get their truck, the fact that they prefer a particular truck over all the others is a signal of loyalty and pride.

The New Model 579 UltraLoft, introduced in 2018, is a huge leap forward for the Peterbilt product line. It combines modern amenities and aerodynamics, while retaining the rugged, toughness that has made Peterbilt a premier manufacturer of commercial trucks for more than seven decades.

This truck will be available with a 12-speed automated transmission, and it is expected to become a popular choice with customers looking for a comfortable and fuel-efficient truck. The New Model 579 also has the ability to be equipped with a camera system, which allows for a safer and more efficient driver’s workday.

The New Model 579 is a transformative truck for Peterbilt, and a must-have for any fleet owner who wants to take their operation to the next level of efficiency and productivity. It’s the sort of truck that will likely be remembered as one of the company’s most important vehicles in its rich history. It’s a truck that truly demonstrates that Peterbilt is listening to and taking seriously the opinions of its customers and drivers.