Vineyard Construction Company

About vineyard construction company

Located on the edge of Tisbury Great Pond with water views from three sides, this stunning family retreat is a showcase for both exceptional design and flawless execution. The secluded property’s breathtaking setting was the inspiration for the home’s contemporary coastal style.

Vineyard Construction is a licensed and insured contractor. We provide a complete range of services including gutters, decks and fence building as well as basement and kitchen remodeling. Whether your home improvement needs are in Oregonia, OH or any other city in the state of Ohio, we can help.

Founded in 1971 by Colin Whyte, an aviator and surfer with a military school background and degree from Brown University, the Vineyard Construction Company a l vineyard construction company is one of the Island’s most respected, sought after, and successful building companies. Now in its next generation, the company is led by Colin’s daughters Hilary Moore and Alison Thompson. Their unique backgrounds allow them to offer clients unparalleled quality and sophisticated business management.

Innovation and Technology

Vineyard Construction Company integrates the latest technology into its projects. From precision agriculture techniques to smart irrigation systems, VCC ensures that each vineyard operates at peak efficiency. The use of drones for site surveys and monitoring, coupled with advanced data analytics, allows VCC to offer cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability is at the core of VCC’s operations. The company prioritizes the use of renewable energy sources, water conservation methods, and organic farming practices. By doing so, VCC not only reduces the environmental impact of its projects but also helps vineyard owners achieve certification under various sustainability standards, such as LEED and Organic Certification.